Omega Buzz

A true power house of a smoothie and great for an afternoon “pick me up and keep me going till dinner.” or as a meal replacement. Bee Pollen is a good source of vegan protein and helps promote a regular menstrual cycle and blood flow. It also contains B vitamins and minerals which are helpful for fertility. Hemp Seeds are a good source of both Omega 3 and 6 essential fatty acids. Blue Green Algae will give your immune system a boost and will … [Read more...]

Supercharged Sweet Potato & Spice Smoothie

This smoothie is thick, luxurious and has the taste and consistency of Egg Nog without all the nasty stuff; Not to mention all the health and fertility benefits - Almonds are a great source of essential fatty acids, zinc, folic acid and vitamin E. Sweet Potato is a wonderful source of safe vitamin A and is hormone regulating. Linseed oil is brilliant for your daily dose of Omega 3 essential fatty acid. Cinnamon will assist with regulating your … [Read more...]

Raw Pumpkin Pie with Mocha Syrup and Nutmeg Cream

I love the change of seasons and Autumn is one of my favourites as it brings with it a wide variety of squash; From the more common Spaghetti and Butternut Squash to the less well know Carnival or Turks Turbin Squash each has it’s own distinctive flavours, some such as Red Kuri or Kabocha, with richer flavour than others, such as Spaghetti or Acorn Squash. The main squash used in the recipes to follow are Kabocha and Red Kuri as their flesh is … [Read more...]

Raw Milky Truffles

Any of you who know me, or have followed my work over the years, will know that I don't tend to do simple; my recipes lean towards the more complex and multi stepped. Well, today I decided that simple was what I wanted and needed, coupled with the fact that I have not had a sweet treat (aside from fruit) in about a week and want to keep refined sugars out of my daily diet as much as possible. The ingredient that sets this recipe apart for … [Read more...]

Chia Corn Crackers

"Chia seeds are packed with soluble fibre and are high in antioxidants, calcium, iron, manganese and phosphorous. A unique property of chia seeds is the ability to hold up to 12 times its weight in water. Soaked for 30 mins, the seeds will form a gel like substance. Researches believe this gel reaction also occurs in the stomach, forming a barrier which means carbohydrates are broken down slowly. This makes the seeds popular among endurance … [Read more...]