Raw Banana Maple Granola

Raw granola is a staple in most raw food books, but our take on this simple cereal will make you taste it in a whole new way! I know it's over done and that every raw book contains a recipe for it, but I just had to share this one because it's just that good! I have been making raw granola for years now and never found a really amazing flavour and taste combination. It was always pretty good and people loved what I would make, … [Read more...]

Mole Truffles

Get creative with savoury spices mixed into decadent chocolate. This recipe makes 50 bite sized mole truffles Ingredients 250g raw almond butter 50g pumpkin seeds - soaked, rinsed and dehydrated 75g raisins + 100g soak water 50g maple syrup 2 tsp tamari 1 1/2 tsp whole cumin seeds - ground in a mortar and pestle 2 ancho chilis - de-seeded and soaked with the raisins 2 tsp chipotle pepper - de-seeded and roughly chopped 35g … [Read more...]

Lemongrass Coconut Mango Cupcakes

Ingredients Coconut Cake 180g coconut desiccated 180g nut flour ½ vanilla pod, scraped and empty pod reserved 50g honey 50g water Mango Jam 150g dried mango ½ c fresh orange juice water, as needed to cover the mango Lemongrass Frosting 300g cashews -soaked and rinsed 6 drops, lemongrass essential oil (can be substituted with orange essential oil 75g water 30g lemon juice 50g honey 175g xylitol or coconut sugar, … [Read more...]

Raw Coconut Apple Porridge

Breakfast is an interesting meal for me; I tend to lean towards protein rich, quick meals which are generally in liquid form.... yes, smoothies. :) This recipe is more of a "weekend maxin' relaxin' chillin like a villin' " sort of situation. And that's because it takes time to open the coconut, extract the meat and then actually make the "cereal" but it's definitely worth it as it's a bowl of deliciousness. Did all those … [Read more...]