The mast brothers

It seems there is never a lack of inspiration for me in the world of chocolate making. There are so many incredible people doing great things with and for chocolate. Small scale chocolate makers are frontiers in this new industry of non commercialised chocolate making and that means, for them, literally building their equipment especially for them as small machines simply do not exist. That is dedication. A wonderful quote from this video … [Read more...]

Everyone loves a story and this is mine

I was in school at The Institute for Integrative Nutrition in NYC in 2004 when David Wolfe came to speak one weekend. He had 1200 people on the edge of their seats for 4 hours; we had speakers every weekend, most of which caused the massive class to fall asleep or resort to side conversation. David, on the other hand, had us all compelled, enthralled and absolutely SOLD on the fact that raw food was the most amazing thing ever. If you have … [Read more...]

Raw Chocolate Bloopers

Now, you know I take my chocolate seriously, but if you're not having fun, then what's the point ? We have such a great time during filming and this blooper reel allows our online students to get a real sense of who we are as people. Click the image below to see our hilarious blooper reel … [Read more...]

The Beauty of Travel

Traveling can make you forget the non sense of life. It can open you like a bubble of air rising to the surface of water and bursting, opening itself to the surroundings and the atmosphere. You are fresh in these new surroundings. You are untouched and unscathed. Your patterns and limitations don’t exist or they are very, very far away. Comforts you seek are no longer necessary; you are comforted by the newness of your surroundings, … [Read more...]

Small batch chocolate

This is an awesome video of a brilliant bunch of people who make up Dandelion Chocolate Company. They take you on a behind the scenes tour of their production -showing all the steps of how chocolate is made; from winnowing and grinding, to making the liquor and adding and sugar to make chocolate as a finished product. If you have never seen this process before, you might find it rather interesting! … [Read more...]