Double Mint Chocolate Cheesecake

When I was a kid, chocolate and mint were my favourite combination, so this cheesecake brings back all sorts of yummy food memories for me. We made this cheesecake in my last Raw Cake Class and it was a big success among the students. The stripes are so impressive, but they take time to achieve, so be patient and the reward is rather fantastic! Serving this with a drizzle of chocolate sauce ands fresh mint tea would be the money shot. But … [Read more...]

Live Food Photography Class

Your food should look as good as it tastes. Whether you are in the food industry as a professional, you're a blogger or you just enjoy sharing your personal work on social media, you’ll know that a professional image is a must to achieve credibility, expansion and overall success in your work. Trying to achieve the professional look can be time consuming and frustrating if you are new to it and commissioning a professional … [Read more...]

Raw Crayola Creams

Pin It After last weeks colourful Blueberry Matcha Tart, I wanted to keep playing with colours and I love a cookie sandwich. Who doesn't ?! I remember eating Oreo's as a child and loving the deconstrution of the cookie. Which side the cream stuck to when I'd twist the cookies, scraping the cream off with my top teeth and saving the dark chocolate cookies as the main star of the show. Rarely did I eat the cookie in a traditional bite, … [Read more...]

Raw Hazelnut Crusted Banana Bread

Pin It Banana bread was always a favourite of mine -- soft, sweet and nutty, plus the addition of warming spices like cinnamon or ginger. I love me some warming spices. Raw banana bread, on the other hand, was always dense, dry and crunchy. It was, indeed, not banana bread. The amount of times I attempted to re-created this old time classic as raw, would require more fingers than I have to count on. The cool thing about … [Read more...]

Millionaire Shortbread

Pin It A while back I heard this quote in a podcast that I listen to by Rob Bell. He was interviewing a Rabbi and this man spoke about wanting to be an original voice in his teachings and his community. The way he put it was something like this -- “I want to be an original voice within the echoes.” And, immediately upon hearing that, it struck something in me. Chefs ( raw and cooked alike ) are always … [Read more...]