Double Mint Chocolate Cheesecake

When I was a kid, chocolate and mint were my favourite combination, so this cheesecake brings back all sorts of yummy food memories for me. We made this cheesecake in my last Raw Cake Class and it was a big success among the students. The stripes are so impressive, but they take time to achieve, so be patient and the reward is rather fantastic! Serving this with a drizzle of chocolate sauce ands fresh mint tea would be the money shot. But … [Read more...]

Neapolitan Cheesecake

This raw, fermented cheesecake has become a staple in my live Raw Cake Classes over the past couple of months. The swirls, the flavours and the crunchy crust make this cheesecake a sensation! Don't let the word 'fermented' put you off! It's a super easy process and well worth the little extra effort for the added health benefits. Fermenting the nuts makes them more easily digestible to the body. PLUS you get the added benefit of all that … [Read more...]

Desserts for the Holidays

With the Holiday season upon us, I want to try and help you prepare yourself for making the desserts. Desserts are the final act of the show, everyone will remember the last thing they ate, so why not make it something special! I know we all have our traditional desserts that we like to serve, but sometimes, it's nice to branch outside of that a little and present something new and a little different to the norm. This Thanksgiving, I was home in … [Read more...]

Carrot Cake Bars with Marbled Cream Cheese Icing

Do you love Autumn ? It's my favourite season. The smells, the cool days with blue skies and sunshine peaking through the clouds... it reminds me of being a kid, raking big piles of leaves and jumping into them.  Carrot cake is one of those iconic desserts that everyone grew up eating or, at least, seeing in a bakery with the piped carrots on top and green leaves. Instead of getting super nutso and replicating that 100%, I decided to make it … [Read more...]

Cardamom Cake with Coconut, Mocha and Apricot

Cooked or raw, layer cakes are a labour of love. When we’re making a raw layer cake, the freezer is like the oven, it sets the cake, and this can take time, depending on the temperature of your freezer and the temperature of the cake ingredients when placed into the freezer. It’s best to make a raw layer cake when you’re around the house for a fair few hours and can periodically check on it and add layers. It's an amazing finish to a meal … [Read more...]