Raw Tim Tams

In a recent chat I was having with an Aussie friend, she suggested that I make some classic Australian desserts in raw format. Now, I love a challenge, you see, and, yeah, I'll be the first to admit that I am very competitive. What I love about this though, is that it's self competitive and it challenged me to create something in raw form that I have actually never eaten before. So, needless to say, I was very pleased with the resulting recipe. … [Read more...]

PB&J Cookie Sandwiches

I'd like to say that, from my conception, my Mom was a healthy eater and I grew up in a house full of fruit, veggies and fairies who brushed my teeth for me. However, that would be a lie. I grew up like most kids in the 80's - on Cheerios and Raisin Bran for breakfast and PB&J for lunch. Shout out to the 80's babies. MC Hammer and Vanilla Ice, baby! If you've followed my blog recipes for a while, and take time to read these sicko awesome … [Read more...]

Raspberry Pistachio Linzer Cookies

You gotta love a cookie sandwich! And these are so pretty and refined, making them ideal for Valentines Day. In terms of actual time in the kitchen these are relatively quick, the only thing that's time consuming doesn't require you to be there - the drying. The jam is made from fresh berries and thickened using a little freeze dried fruit powder, which keeps that fresh flavour and a natural consistency, like jam. Whereas using something like … [Read more...]

Coconut Chia Bars

There's nothing like starting the year off in style and in good health, right ?! These bars are going to save your life ( not literally ) at work, traveling or in the evening crumbled into your banana ice cream. These babies kept me happy while I was traveling over the holidays. Crunchy and surprisingly light, they crumble like a digestive in your mouth. The lucuma gives that yummy biscuit taste, but you could sub that out for the same amount … [Read more...]

Chocolate Mint Cookies

A bonus of attending live classes with me is that my freezer and fridge get full up with treats and my students reap the yummy benefits of that. Feedback on these cookies was so positive that I had to post the recipe. Chewy chocolate mint cookies are wrapped up in a thin layer of dark, rich chocolate and garnished with crispy mint "sugar". Accompanied by a warm, fresh peppermint tea and it's a combo made in heaven. 175g ( 1 cup ) … [Read more...]