Raw Sweets Classes

Raw Baking 101 – Mastering Dehydration

raw baking class

If you are into raw food, you know that the dehydrator is the one of the core components of any raw food kitchen. It allows us to take raw food to a whole new level. A lot of us rush out to get the Excalibur dehydrator and a Vitamix and then wonder what to do next. We have some recipes up our sleeve, but we know the possibilities are endless.

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Raw Cakes Masterclass

Ooosha raw cakes masterclass
This highly sought after class is perfect for absolute beginners and avid bakers alike.

Raw baking works along the same principles as cooked. We’ll go through all the basics of cake making, the tools and equipment need, how to make the cakes using simpler pieces of equipment and how to make them simple or extraordinary!

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