Introduction to Raw Chocolate

Learn how to make 4 chocolate desserts in 2 hours. Like anything in life, playing with chocolate can be as easy or as complex as you like. In this 2 hour summer class, we’re all about keeping it simple and easy. We approach raw chocolate in a fun, light and easy way to give you a gentle introduction to this delicious and creative field. Using as little specialist equipment as possible, we’ll make an array of incredible raw chocolate … [Read more...]

Los Angeles – Raw Chocolate and Dessert Weekend

A weekend of raw chocolate and dessert immersion? Yes, please! Choose to attend just one class or make a weekend of sweet, sweet learning out of it. Classes are being held in the Manhattan Beach area of LA. Not just for beginners, Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate is a foundation class that will furnish you with the base knowledge and techniques needed in the exploration of raw chocolate on at a professional level. Fundamentals … [Read more...]

Candy Bars & Bombs

“Between the initial idea and the finished piece lies a gulf we can see across, but never fully chart. The truly special moments in artmaking lie in those moments when concept is converted to reality — those moments when the gulf is being crossed.” Whether you've attended the Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate or Raw Dehydration class, this new module is designed to take it up a notch. The Specialist Raw Chocolate class combines dehydration, … [Read more...]

Creativity and Confidence Mentoring Days

When your creativity exceeds your current capabilities Most people I meet in my classes have huge amounts of creativity but they lack confidence in the execution of their vision. They are dedicated, they experiment and some have attended several of my classes. But when all you learn are recipes, even base recipes you can build on, you’ll inevitably reach a glass ceiling. Their creativity and vision exceeds their current capabilities - … [Read more...]

Raw Baking 101 – Mastering Dehydration

“This is my invariable advice to people: Learn how to cook- try new recipes, learn from your mistakes, be fearless, and above all have fun!”- Julia Child. The dehydrator is the "oven" of a raw kitchen and it's essential to learn the ins and outs of it. Throwing a bunch of stuff together and spreading it out on a Teflex sheet seems to make sense at the time, but it doesn’t always work out. There’s a particular balance needed to achieve the … [Read more...]

Raw Cakes Masterclass

Learn the fundamental principles of raw cake making and decorating. Raw baking works along the same principles as cooked; you use the same key ingredients in varied balance to achieve specific results. Be that cakes and pies or cookies and doughnuts. It's all about knowing the balance of ingredients and how to re-arrange them to meet your needs. In this highly sought after class, you'll start understanding the fundamental ingredients … [Read more...]

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate

This class will make you fall in love with the process of chocolate making and leave you inspired and uplifted. Not just for beginners, Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate is a foundation class that will furnish you with the base knowledge and techniques needed in the exploration of raw chocolate on at a professional level. Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate is seven years of raw chocolate experience rolled into one day and glazed … [Read more...]

Advanced Raw Chocolate

This class is where passion and technique merge with artistry and wild creativity. In the first two raw chocolate classes ( Fundamentals and Candy Bars & Bombs ) we were laying the crucial foundations of understanding chocolate and building a relationship with it -- experimenting, finding our place within it and logging our 10,000 hours to mastery. Now that you have a solid foundation of learning under your belt, we can have a good ole play … [Read more...]

Private Classes

These one-to-one sessions are ideal for you if you want in-depth training in Professional Raw Chocolate making. I'm now offering private classes held in your own home. The brilliant thing about these is that we can look at the efficiency of your kitchen and tweak some things around to make it a productive, enjoyable workspace and one that feels like an exciting place for you to spend time and create incredible, healthy chocolate for … [Read more...]

Learn Raw Chocolate Online

If you can't make it to one of my Live Classes you can now learn to create simply amazing raw chocolate online. So no matter where you are in the world and whatever skill level you can join me in creating mouth-watering chocolate creations. My name is Amy Levin, the world's leading raw chocolatier. Let me tell you all about it in the attached video … [Read more...]