Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate

This class will make you fall in love with the process of chocolate making and leave you inspired and uplifted.

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate is seven years of raw chocolate experience rolled into one day and glazed with my unique tried and tested recipes and techniques. My journey has pushed the boundaries of raw chocolate, from creating new textures and flavours to getting the sweetness just right. This is my chance to teach it all back to you.

Because most of us are practical learners, my classes are 50% hands on. We will work through the basics of raw ingredients, understanding how they work and how to work with them. If you’re an absolute beginner, you will leave the class equipped with the secrets of the professionals, and the skills to create chocolate at a domestic level.

If you’re already creating great chocolate and want to add raw chocolate to your skill-set, this class will condense your learning to one day, so you can start creating.

To make sure you remember it all at home, upon booking your space, you’ll be sent a pdf of the class book with all recipes and techniques you’ll learn on the day. You’ll take home a little box of chocolates to enjoy (show off 🙂 ) with friends and family… If you decide to share.

Your course is not just an introduction to raw chocolate, but also to a community of passionate raw chocolatiers which will support you long after the course is completed.

Post class, I encourage my students to stay connected. The raw food world is a small one, the class is as much about making new connections as it is about creating great chocolate. Some of the people you will meet on the day you will no doubt see around, at raw food cafes or on the shelves at your local whole foods (their products, that is. Not the students themselves…)

I will be available after class via email to answer questions and help you overcome any snags that might pop up. Most of all, by taking the class, you will be invited to join the private “Ooosha… Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate” Facebook group; a community for my students, many of whom have gone on to create chocolate commercially. You can post questions or comments here, and in time help others too!

Another bonus is that once you complete this class, you will be given a discount on my Level 1 & 2 online course. You will be given a code (good for a lifetime),giving you both courses for £89.00 / $147.00. This means that you will have everything from the class, and much more, at your finger tips forever. So, if you forget something from the class, you will have the online videos to refer to, amazing!

On the day, you will learn all about;

  • Enrobed chocolates — including pralines and bonbons.
  • How to temper chocolate — the easiest and most successful way.
  • Creating textures and aromas in chocolate so that your treats are uniquely exquisite.
  • Coloured chocolate — to achieve a professionally decorated finish.
  • Milk, dark and white chocolate recipes –- all 100% dairy free.

    Just kidding, there isn’t any. However, to get the most out of the class I suggest you research “raw food” and “raw chocolate” online or buying some basic raw food books so that you are familiar with basic methods of raw preparation including using a high speed blender, dehydrator and soaking and sprouting nuts and seeds. This will help you to understand some of the content of the class better, but this is definitely not essential as all questions that arise during the class will be addressed there and then.

    As a note, this class runs from 11am-3pm London.

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