Advanced Raw Chocolate

This class is where passion and technique merge with artistry and wild creativity. In the first two raw chocolate classes ( Fundamentals and Candy Bars & Bombs ) we were laying the crucial foundations of understanding chocolate and building a relationship with it — experimenting, finding our place within it and logging our 10,000 hours to mastery. Now that you have a solid foundation of learning under your belt, we can have a good ole play around and create some true art pieces. Consider this class your pièce de résistance.

Because of the advanced nature of the course,
attendance to Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate is a prerequisite.

Some of the many techniques you will learn include:

  • ‘Bean to Bar’ chocolate — What it means, how to make your own using various methods and tools and “The Chocolate Spectrum”.
  • Chocolate Tasting Session — We’ll taste some awesome (and not so awesome) 100% chocolates to explore flavour layering and the journey of chocolate on the palate, explore the traits of different origins of beans and invite each student to share their home made chocolates as part of this focused tasting session.
  • Stone Grinding — Which grinders are best, starting a batch of chocolate, how to clean the grinder and working with stone ground chocolate.
  • Fine Chocolate Work– This is where your passion for making raw chocolate meets your inner artist. We’ll tinker with flakes, curls and cigarettes that can be used to accent cakes and pies or as additions to ice cream and plated desserts.
  • 3D Chocolate Work — Hollow Easter Eggs will never overwhelm you again! We’ll use both professional moulds and odd objects to make 3D hollow objects ( filled or empty ), chocolate bowls and a serving platter made of chocolate!
  • Transfer Sheets — We’ll make our own transfer sheets and experiment with a few ways of using them to impart beautiful patterns and colours onto your finished chocolates or to use as accent garnishes.
    • Extras — if time allows we will also delve into the following. If not, these recipes will be in your book.
  • Ganache — how to make real ganache for truffles, hot chocolate, chocolate sauce and ganache tarts.
  • Creme centered chocolates — think Peppermint Paddies and Violet Cremes – another base recipe with endless possibilities.
    • As with the Fundamentals class, I encourage my students to stay connected. I will be available after class via email to answer questions and help you overcome any snags that might pop up. You are encouraged to share your questions and comments on the “Ooosha… Advanced Raw Chocolate” Facebook group and will now be in a great position to share your skills with others.
      As a note, this class is very popular, so please do book today to ensure a place.

      This class runs from 11am-3pm and is limited to 6 people per class.

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