Creativity and Confidence Mentoring Days

When your creativity exceeds your current capabilities

Most people I meet in my classes have huge amounts of creativity but they lack confidence in the execution of their vision. They are dedicated, they experiment and some have attended several of my classes. But when all you learn are recipes, even base recipes you can build on, you’ll inevitably reach a glass ceiling.

Their creativity and vision exceeds their current capabilities – which can be so darn frustrating. So many ideas without the foundational skills to implement them.

But cooking, raw or cooked, is both an art and a science. And you can’t expect yourself to know what you don’t know. And no matter how many YouTube videos you watch, recipe books you buy or classes you attend, nothing can replace guided experience and personal experimentation.

If you are at home with so many ideas but don’t know how to achieve them, I want to help you build the confidence and skills required to bring your vision to reality.


We’ll start by establishing what you’re most interested in being able to create/gain expertise in and why.

It’s vital in life to know your strengths and weaknesses, for lack of a better word. There’s nothing wrong with not being skilled at something, as I said before, you can’t know what you don’t know.

Next we explore your boundaries in terms of the ingredients you do and do not want to use in your recipes. These will be the guidelines we follow in all recipe creation. Then comes the fun part… we’ll go through the creative process of recipe development and creation. Creating a recipe out of thin air is a unique and extremely personal process. Everyone will take this on in a different way, so we’ll use all sorts of tools to generate ideas as well as using each other to bounce ideas off of.

The best part? I am there with you and this means that, as we talk through ideas and concepts, I’ll be able to guide you towards the most effective ingredients to use for the result you desire. I’ll walk you through my thought process every step of the way so that you can fully grasp the understanding of it all.


You’ll be invited to come prepared with images and/or cooked recipes of the dishes that have inspired a particular idea you want to realise, or that you want to be able to replicate from cooked to raw format. We’ll spend time working on the conversion from cooked to raw, exploring all the various ways this can be done, with what ingredients and in what timeframe. If it seems the process will take too long or is too in depth, we’ll look at ways to shortcut it and make it more realistic and doable for you.

Once we have hashed out each recipe/item we will create a solid plan of attack and the sequence of events in order to complete the dish in the least amount of time possible, bearing in mind dehydration, soaking, setting, fermenting, etc.. we’ll create a step by step guide to follow for bringing the recipe from concept to completion.

This process is a huge step in the learning process. We’ll throw ideas on the table that might never work, but, as we talk them through, you’ll understand why. It will no longer be a question in your mind and one that makes no sense. It will have an answer, but, more importantly, an alternative method for success of your vision. By talking this all out, you’ll begin to understand the procedure of creating a recipe from scratch.


We’ll use tools like The Flavour Bible to assist us in pairing together fruits, nuts, spices, chocolate and more, so that the finished product is cohesive and moreish!

You’ll make these dishes yourself in my kitchen and with my assistance. Will there be failures? Absolutely! However, I refer to them as mistakes and it’s only by making mistakes that we learn. Sometimes I find my students are so scared to “fail” that they don’t even start. They don’t want to waste ingredients. That’s the number 1 reason people don’t try. But while you’re at my house, you can let that concern melt away. Think of it like art class and the ingredients are paints. You can’t learn to paint without using the paints.


My areas of speciality are raw chocolates and desserts. That encompasses pastry, cakes, pies, tarts, bean to bar chocolate, chocolate work, bonbons, pralines, truffles, ganache, etc.. These are just examples of areas we can cover. Your imagination ( and time ) will be the only limiting factor to what’s possible together.

These sessions are two consecutive days, customised to meet your needs and suit you. For this reason, both weekdays and weekends are available. This will be decided between us once you have booked your space. If you prefer to check dates with me before booking, please email and we can take it from there.

Lessons are held at my venue in Oval, South London.

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