Explore – Building the foundations of raw chocolate

Take your chocolate making further

Whether you long to be a chocolate maker, want to improve your skills or simply want to learn a new skill to play with as a hobby, this class will empower you with the knowledge and base skills to create an array of chocolates, including colours for decorating, stone ground chocolate, white eating chocolate/blonde chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate.

We’ll use a few different techniques and various ingredient combinations to achieve an array of unique chocolates. You’ll see and taste the difference between using a stone grinder as opposed to a Vitamix, using cacao paste instead of powders and how that changes the outcome.

The class will start with a chocolate tasting to open your palate and teach you how to truly taste chocolate and the journey it takes you on.

All levels of experience are welcome and you’ll leave with a newfound knowledge and confidence which will enable you to apply your skills at home or in your business.

Some of the many techniques you will learn include:

  • Breakdown of most common ingredients and sweeteners
  • Where to purchase your ingredients and get wholesale prices
  • Preparing your paste, butter and sweeteners
  • Common mistakes with storage of ingredients
    How to make raw chocolate using
  • Vita mix
  • Stone grinder
    White Decorating Chocolate
  • Making pure white chocolate used specifically for decorating and making colours.
  • Ingredients to use that replace milk powder used in traditional white chocolate
    Coloured Chocolate
  • Using the white decorating chocolate as a base we’ll make a few bright and beautiful colours to use for decorating your chocolates.
  • You’ll make your own decorated chocolates using these colours
    White Eating Chocolate
  • How to make delicious “white” chocolate that taste like caramel and toffee.
  • This chocolate makes a wonderful decorative chocolate as well, but is blonde, not white.
    Milk Chocolate
  • What ingredients and techniques to use in order to achieve a milky chocolate.
    Dark chocolate
  • Making a simple basic batch of dark chocolate using powders and butter.
  • Using a stone grinder to make bean to bar chocolate.
  • Making dark chocolate using cacao paste and controlling the creaminess without using powders or nuts
    How to temper chocolate
  • Throughout the class you will temper chocolate using several tried and true techniques
  • Full spectrum tempering and “short cuts” and “tricks of the trade” will be taught
  • How to use poly/professional moulds; the bonuses and drawbacks
  • Using silicone moulds; the bonuses and drawbacks
  • Cleaning moulds; how to best care for your moulds

This class runs from 11am-4pm and is held in Oval, South London.

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