Private Classes

I’m now offering private classes held in your own home. The brilliant thing about these is that we can look at the efficiency of your kitchen and tweak some things around to make it a productive, enjoyable workspace and one that feels like an exciting place for you to spend time and create incredible, healthy chocolate for friends and family or for your business.

We’ll get you all geared up with the equipment and ingredients you need for the type of chocolates you want to make; be that pralines, bonbons and truffles, inclusions such as candied nuts, fruit “sugars” and crystallised flower petals or just the best raw chocolate you have ever made and eaten!

I’m not going to tell you to go out and spend loads of money on stuff if you don’t have that in your budget. Instead, we will work according to what you want and what you can afford.

The main point of these sessions is that, when I leave your home that day, you feel empowered, excited, inspired and well equipped to rock out some awesome chocolate for a long time to come. I want you to feel confident in your skill base and like you can conquer the world!

We can focus on some or all of the following

  • Professional quality chocolate at home – how to make super smooth chocolate that takes you on it’s own flavour journey through bringing out the natural flavour tones in the cacao itself. This portion of the chocolate industry is referred to as “chocolate making”as we are starting from scratch using paste or nibs, butter and sugar. This will require a stone grinder.
  • Super simple, fast and delicious chocolate – using the equipment you have available, we can make white, milk and dark chocolate and temper it like a pro to achieve that snap and shine we all know and love from chocolate. This is still in the realm of being a “chocolate maker” but not quite as refined at the above. we’ll use a high speed blender and/or a double boiler.
  • Decorating – using our white chocolate as a base, we’ll make some different coloured chocolates (think pinks, greens and yellows) and use them to decorate chocolate pieces, bars and to enrobe pralines or bonbons. This creates a wonderfully boutique chocolate shop finish and makes your chocolate a visual master piece.
  • Getting creative – my favourite part, and a big hit of my 1:1’s; making textures! We use various bases like nuts, seeds, grains, flowers, fruits and so on to create unique textural combinations to add to your chocolate or use as garnish. These elements are what will set you apart from the rest! This is where your individuality and creativity come into play
  • Pralines, truffles and bonbons – another awesome part of the ciriculum; you learn base recipes that you can keep delving into and expanding on to make them your own and bring new exciting elements to them. This part of the session is very much the arena of “chocolatiering” and can use all of the above in the finished product; colours and bright textures to make it pop visually and textural inclusions to make sure we’re hitting every sensory note
  • Creating the flavour journey – we can look at using essential oils, natural flavour extracts and herbs and spices to create the flavour profile you’d like your chocolate to have. For example, if you want notes of honeysuckle, lemon and cranberry or maybe you want smoke, cherry and black pepper we can nail that!This is just another way of playing, having fun and setting your creations apart from the rest.
    All sessions will include a 15 minute Skype consult prior to the session to clarify all your needs, wants and your budget. I’ll then send you the class outline and a list of equipment and ingredients needed and prep lists of things to do before I arrive. You’ll receive all of my eBooks and a 30 minute Skype follow up call post session to be sure you feel supported beyond the class and any issues that creep up afterwards are addressed.