Raw Cakes Masterclass

Learn the fundamental principles of raw cake making and decorating.

    Raw baking works along the same principles as cooked; you use the same key ingredients in varied balance to achieve specific results. Be that cakes and pies or cookies and doughnuts. It’s all about knowing the balance of ingredients and how to re-arrange them to meet your needs.

    In this highly sought after class, you’ll start understanding the fundamental ingredients better and understand how they work together in various ways to create different results. This class is perfect for absolute beginners and avid bakers alike.

    Some of the many areas we’ll cover in this class:
  • Which ingredients are used to replace the classic flour, butter and sugar in traditional baking and why.
  • The essential equipment needed for raw “baking” — with plenty of price options included.
  • Raw jams to be used as accompaniments and layers in your desserts.
  • Candied nuts, seeds and coconut to be used for texture in desserts and as beautiful garnishes.
  • Nut and nut free based frostings and icings.
  • Learning how to enrobe (dip) items in chocolate to be used as garnish or as stand alone desserts
  • We’ll make 2-3 cakes using different techniques in each one such as multi-layer cake, birthday cake and a decorative cake ( like the checkerboard cake pictured to the left )
  • All cakes will be decorated on the outside using a range of techqniues.

    You’ll take home (or enjoy in class) a piece of each cake.

    Class runs from 11am-3pm. All details are emailed upon booking your space.

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I look forward to seeing you in class!