Specialist Chocolate Class

    Whether you’ve attended the Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate or Raw Dehydration class, this new module is designed to take it up a notch. The Specialist Raw Chocolate class combines dehydration, pastry and chocolate techniques – it will be an awesome day where we’ll challenge and encourage you to get creative and have a good old play around.
    We’ll cover the following —

    Blonde and Dark Chocolate

    We’ll make white eating chocolate and dark chocolate to use during the class. The blonde chocolate is different than the white chocolate we make in the Fundamentals class as it’s a lovely eating and playing chocolate. The dark chocolate will be a basic dark chocolate, but we’ll use both of these as a way of revisiting making chocolate and tempering it.

Candy Bars

    We’ll experiment with traditional ( Kit Kat, for example ) and non-traditional candy bars, to create our own sophisticated, adult candy bars. We’ll make beautifully constructed bases by using both dehydrated and non-dehydrated methods. To top it all off I’ll teach you how to master the techniques in making multi-layer crunchy bars as well as soft shortbread based bars. In total we’ll make 3 candy bars, fully garnished to the nines.
  • Sesame Kit Kat – sesame biscuit, fig caramel, enrobed in chocolate and garnished.
  • Coconut Caramel Bars – coconut biscuit, caramel and praline enrobed in chocolate and garnished.
  • Shortbread Bars – hazelnut shortbread and espresso caramel enrobed in chocolate.


    The peaceful kind of bombs, of course! A bomb, by my definition, is a cookie or brownie type exterior with a soft, explosive (flavour bomb 🙂 ) interior, the whole thing dipped in chocolate to make it a surprise layer upon layer. We’ll create 2 different flavour bombs, both with different exteriors and interiors.
  • Brownie Bombs – a soft, rich brownie filled with caramel that oozes when bitten into.
  • Cookie Dough Bombs – cookie dough filled with praline and enrobed in chocolate

This class will run from 11am-3pm in Oval, South London and includes a light lunch. Travel details will be sent 1 week prior to the class date along with the class booklet. You will take home portions of what we make throughout the day.

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