Matcha Hot Chocolate


    Giving up coffee was a tough one for me, but I feel so much better for it! This rather delightful hot beverage has taken it’s place every now and again.

    Stimulants are nasty little things on our bodies, so it’s best to limit that ish to like a rarely – occasional situation in your life.

    Match tea is pretty mild in terms of stimulation, but cacao/cocoa gives me a boost these days, so this is rocket fuel for me. Love a bit of this like 2 hours pre training. Boom boom shake the room, baby.


1/2 tsp Clearspring matcha tea powder
1-2 tbsp cooked cocoa / raw cacao powder
vanilla cream sweet leaf stevia or your sweetener of choice, to taste
250ml/ 1 cup water, boiled (or milk of choice)


  • Blend everything together and drink.


  1. Well Amy, in your true tradition you have tapped into a personal challenge and offered a sharing of your solution. I already know the value of matcha and drink it daily alongside my coffee caffeine fix. You may have inspired a shift more fully into the green magic realms. Thank you

  2. Ohhh…I am soo loving this! I made this for myself as soon as I got your recipe and it is very very good and really satisfying and warming, it’s a nice change for me I never was able to handle caffeine, but I love dark Chocolate and decaf coffee even now. Lately it’s been so cold here so I’ve been making a kind of hot lemon aide in the morning I use hot water the flesh and juice of two lemons and inch piece of ginger root few stalks of celery with leaves small spoonful of coconut manna and a little coconut oil and powered stevia. It’s good and keeps me satisfied all day. I sure am enjoying your awesome recipe, thank you for sharing it, it’s been a real treat. Stay blessed.

  3. Hey Amy! Another great recipe I can’t wait to try. Have ordered some matcha powder but can’t find the sweet leaf vanilla stevia. Do you know where I can get some? I have tried a few different stevia products, and haven’t found one I really like. Thanks!