Ooosha Chocolate Bars


Here are the new range of chocolates from the world’s leading Raw Chocolatier, Amy Levin.

These are not just chocolate bars…these bars are a journey, a labour of love, a culmination of Amy’s journey through chocolate over the past 8 years, all carefully hand crafted into three very different chocolate bars, hand wrapped, packed and labeled.

This product is truly artisan, in every sense of the word. Amy’s chocolate is a direct representation of her character; fun, complex, bright, playful and deep – it’ll curl your lips and set your heart on fire.

Each bar is adorned with a poem from Tyler Knott Gregson (Amy’s favourite poet), just to give the bars that extra touch of love and passion.

It’s been 8 years since Amy started her raw chocolate journey and, with each step, there have been emails asking “Where can I buy your chocolate?”. In fact, it turned into begging 🙂

Amy has taken time to perfect this range of bars, it was vital to her that she not produce them until it was “right”. They are ripe with all that Ooosha is and stands for; love, passion, creativity and joy… Everything that encompasses her ever growing business.

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