Popcorn Peanut Butter Brittle

In the interest of making it easy to be healthy, I bring you one of the simplest recipes on my site. If you don’t feel like making chocolate from scratch, you can simply use your fav raw ( or cooked ) chocolate bar. Alternatively, try using 75% paste/mass/liquor and 25% cacao butter for a very dark, sweetener free chocolate.

These little shards of brittle are really easy to bring with you to the movies, on a picnic, or to a posh dinner party. You can be the rustic, on trend guest with the dopest treats in town ( at the party ). If you’re making this for kiddos, I’d recommend using a sweet chocolate as the darkness of 100% chocolate might fry their brains. 🙂

Peanut Butter Swirl

40g ( 2 ½ tbsp ) smooth peanut butter
30g ( 2 tbsp ) honey or maple syrup
½ tsp cinnamon ( optional )
Pinch sea salt
30g ( 2 tbsp ) cacao butter or coconut oil, melted


  • Mix together all ingredients and set to one side until ready to use.


1 tsp coconut oil
â…› cup popping corn


  • Add the ingredients to a cold pot with the lid on.
  • Turn the heat to medium-high setting and leave the pot alone. On my induction burner, that was a number 7.
  • Once popping begins, you can gentle push the pot back and forth to keep the popcorn moving, but you don’t have to.
  • When the pops are 10 seconds apart, remove from the heat, take off the lid and allow to cool while you melt the chocolate.

Assembling the bark

You’ll need …

  • A loaf tin
  • Piping bag – disposable or otherwise
  • Greaseproof paper – if you’re tempering the chocolate you won’t need this
  • Popcorn
  • Peanuts
  • Sea Salt
  • 250g ( 8.8 oz ) chocolate, melted over a double boiler
  • Peanut Butter Mixture – at room temp
  • A shelf in the fridge to set the tin


  • You can use any chocolate you’d like. I used 75% cacao paste/mass/liquor and 25% cacao butter to keep it low sweet.
  • If you’re not tempering your chocolate, line the tin with greaseproof paper. If you are tempering, you don’t need to line the tin.
  • Pour in 85% of the chocolate.
  • Dollop the peanut mixture around the surface of the chocolate and then swirl with a toothpick or fine tipped knife.
  • Drop the peanuts and popcorn on top. Scatter some sea salt around the surface.
  • Add the remaining 15% of the chocolate to a piping bag with a fine tip and drizzle the top with chocolate.
  • Pop in the fridge to set, or in the freezer if you’ve not tempered the chocolate.
  • If you don’t temper the chocolate, you will want to store this in the fridge. If you have tempered, you can store at room temp.
  • Sneak a bag into the movies, like a BOSS, and enjoy.

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