Raw Chocolate Classes

Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate

Chocolate CourseSuitable for beginners and advanced students alike, this class is a fun day out for those wanting to dip their toe into chocolate making and, an in depth class touching on many facets of raw chocolate making. We cover a broad scope of material as a way of encouraging individual students to find their place within raw chocolate making – from perfecting tempering to creating beautifully presented chocolate selections. This class will provide you a solid base to work from once you get home. Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate is a pre requisite class required in order to attend Amy’s more advanced chocolate classes offered throughout the year.

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Bespoke Classes

Explore1Amy’s students range from avid foodies to professional chefs and everything in between. Each individual wants something different from their time learning with her and that’s where bespoke, one to one or private group classes really shine.

Created specifically to suit yours needs, whether for home or business purposes, these classes hit the mark every time and line you up for success regardless of your goals.

All individual classes come with a full support package built in to be sure you are never alone as you move forward with your new skills.

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Specialist Chocolate Class

amy-levin-chocolateWhether you’ve attended the Fundamentals of Raw Chocolate or Raw Dehydration class, this new module is designed to take it up a notch.

The Specialist Raw Chocolate class combines dehydration, pastry and chocolate techniques – it will be an awesome day where we’ll challenge and encourage you to get creative and have a good old play around.

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Intro to Raw Chocolate Class

Like anything in life, playing with chocolate can be as easy or as complex as you like. In this 2 hour summer class, we’re all about keeping it simple and easy.

We approach raw chocolate in a fun, light and easy way to give you a gentle introduction to this delicious and creative field.

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