Raw Chocolate Ingredients and Equipment

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If you’re starting out on your raw chocolate making journey through one of my classes or ebooks, I appreciate that finding the best raw ingredients and equipment can be a little overwhelming. To help make your raw chocolate making life a little easier, I’ve collated a quick list of links for raw chocolate ingredients and equipment which will give you a starting point for your purchases based on the equipment, tools and ingredients I recommended throughout my materials.

Some links go directly to the website of the supplier I use while others are via partner links, like Amazon, please refer to my affiliate disclosure policy.


Medicine Flower Extracts
Essential Oils

Side note: When you are taken to Tree Harvest, you’ll notice it’s not a website, but a holding page with their contact info. Call or email to get their catalog or to set up an account with them.

Basic Ingredients
Herbs, Spices and Spice Mixes


Food Processor
Silicone Chocolate Moulds
Professional Chocolate Moulds