Mini Coffee Crunch Layer Cakes

This chocolate cake is as similar to cooked cake as I have managed to create thus far. It's rich, soft and much lighter than any nut based cakes I've ever made or tasted. The mocha frosting is a well loved, tried and true recipe that I have messed around with for several years now and it's like magic against the darkness of the cake. Chocolate Covered Coffee Bars add the most lovely texture to the cake without overdoing it or ruining the … [Read more...]

Raw Tim Tams

In a recent chat I was having with an Aussie friend, she suggested that I make some classic Australian desserts in raw format. Now, I love a challenge, you see, and, yeah, I'll be the first to admit that I am very competitive. What I love about this though, is that it's self competitive and it challenged me to create something in raw form that I have actually never eaten before. So, needless to say, I was very pleased with the resulting recipe. … [Read more...]

Raw Strawberry Almond Granola Bars

As a child, I loved granola bars, especially the ones with the chocolate coating. I'd eat the chocolate coating and then the rest of the bar was, like, second shocker as to why I became a chocolatier! :) But these bars themselves are so amazing that you don't even need the chocolate... however, let's be honest in saying everything benefits from chocolate. These bars use a couple of past recipes I shared with you, the Maple Oat … [Read more...]

Lime Cheesecake, Coconut Pistachio Crust and Mango Coulis

You may have noticed that I've been posting a fair few cheesecake recipes as of late. Well, each time I teach my Raw Cakes Class I feel inspired to try something new and different afterwards and this is the latest batch of inspiration. The flavour inspiration came from a desire to use mango and lime and a good ole flick through The Flavour Bible, which brought about the use of pistachio and matcha (although, I knew I'd use matcha as the … [Read more...]

Blonde Chocolate (a.k.a Chocolate Candy )

Hershey's Cookies and Cream Chocolate Bar ... I went through a serious phase of being obsessed with these as a child. I even remember how sickly sweet and creamy it was, but back then it was a delight to all my senses. The title 'White Chocolate' simply applies to any form of chocolate that doesn't include cacao solids and solids are the dark parts -- powder, paste, etc.. In this white chocolate recipe, I use coconut sugar as the sweetener … [Read more...]