Raw Coconut Apple Porridge

Breakfast is an interesting meal for me; I tend to lean towards protein rich, quick meals which are generally in liquid form.... yes, smoothies. :) This recipe is more of a "weekend maxin' relaxin' chillin like a villin' " sort of situation. And that's because it takes time to open the coconut, extract the meat and then actually make the "cereal" but it's definitely worth it as it's a bowl of deliciousness. Did all those … [Read more...]

Raw Chocolate Course

As you know, I take chocolate very seriously. It's my passion and something I love teaching to people. One thing that makes the biggest difference to your chocolate (and food in general) is how you feel when you create it and this video just about sums up what I am like when I work... silly. Get a "behind the scenes" look at filming my Raw Chocolate online course with Russell James (a.k.a The Raw Chef) and have a good ol' giggle while you're … [Read more...]