Matcha Truffles

When on a matcha kick, it only stands to reason that I would make a matcha truffle. I mean, come on now! When incorporating something like matcha into a raw recipe, I find it's really important that you use high quality matcha. Whereas with cooked recipes, the tea is being cooked and, therefor, looses some of it's colour anyway. But in raw recipes, the colour remains in tact, so it's important you use one that's bright! Culinary grade matcha … [Read more...]

Matcha “Mallowmars”

Alright, I’m on a matcha kick at the moment, so bear with me for a little longer while I explore it…. Then we can move on. :) Today I bring you my version of a Flødebolle, perhaps more commonly known as Mallowmar in the UK and USA, but never seen with a matcha “marshmallow” from what I have found. I’ve been sitting on this recipe for almost a year, waiting until I could really make it pop and the matcha has been what I was waiting for. Not … [Read more...]

Matcha Gold Passionfruit Bonbons in Dark Chocolate

Once again, I've recently given up "hard" caffeine ( i.e coffee and black tea ) in an attempt to restore some natural energy balance to my body. It was not as hard as I thought it would be and I think matcha tea is to thank for that! I've been playing with different varieties of matcha and found an excellent company in London, Lalani & Co., who supplies all sorts of teas, but some really excellent Matcha powders too. In this recipe I am using … [Read more...]

Raspberry Pistachio Linzer Cookies

You gotta love a cookie sandwich! And these are so pretty and refined, making them ideal for Valentines Day. In terms of actual time in the kitchen these are relatively quick, the only thing that's time consuming doesn't require you to be there - the drying. The jam is made from fresh berries and thickened using a little freeze dried fruit powder, which keeps that fresh flavour and a natural consistency, like jam. Whereas using something like … [Read more...]

Red Velvet Squares

Truth be told, I'm not a Valentines Day chick, but I love having a purpose for creating new recipes and holidays are awesome excuses to mess about in the kitchen. My intention this year is to keep all my recipes very simple, but aesthetically delightful and... mission accomplished, friends! Aren't they so pretty?!? The red velvet cake is soft and sweet, rich and deeply chocolatey, a touch of lemon juice gives a slight acidity to bring out the … [Read more...]