Red Velvet Squares

Truth be told, I’m not a Valentines Day chick, but I love having a purpose for creating new recipes and holidays are awesome excuses to mess about in the kitchen. My intention this year is to keep all my recipes very simple, but aesthetically delightful and… mission accomplished, friends!

Aren’t they so pretty?!? The red velvet cake is soft and sweet, rich and deeply chocolatey, a touch of lemon juice gives a slight acidity to bring out the earthiness of the beetroot. It all finishes perfectly in the mouth with the outer casing of dark chocolate melting into a decadent chocolate sauce in your mouth. In other words, sicko good! 🙂

50g ( ⅓ cup heaped ) oat flour
50g ( ⅓ cup level ) ground almonds
35g ( 2 ½ tbsp ) beetroot powder
20g ( 1 ½ tbsp ) lemon juice
50g ( ⅓ cup heaped ) cacao powder
50g ( ½ cup ) coconut sugar
1 tsp tamari

60g ( ¼ cup / 2 oz ) coconut butter, melted
100g ( 6-7 ) fresh medjool dates, pitted
20g ( 1 tbsp ) water, or as needed to bring together

40g ( 1.5 oz ) chocolate, shaved ( optional for texture )

200g chocolate, melted ( and tempered if desired )


  • In a food processor combine the first set of ingredients and pulse.
  • Add the second set of ingredients and blend to combine. The mix should just come together in the processor, but not be so moist it forms a ball. If you think it needs more water, add 1 tsp at a time, process and add more if needed.
  • Pulse through the shaved chocolate.
  • Line a springform tart tin with cling film, or use a silicone tart tin for easy release. I used a rectangular flan tin ( 36 x 12 cm or 14 x 4.5-inch ).
  • Alternatively, you could use a shaped silicone chocolate mould, like hearts, squares, etc.. You’d proceed the same way.
  • Press the dough into the flan tin, it may only fill ½ – ¾ of the tin, but that’s fine. Just get it as even on the top as possible using a cranked spatula or the back of a spoon. Mine were about ½ inch thick.
  • Pop it in the fridge to set, about 10-15 minutes.
  • Once the red velvet is set, pop it out of the tin and cut it into squares, or the shape you desire. If you used silicone, pop em out and you’re ready to enrobe. Keep them in the fridge while you get the chocolate ready. Check out this handy video below on how to melted down and enrobe using cacao paste, but it applies to a chocolate bar too.
  • If you’d like to add that lovely little pink bit on top of the chocolates, then pop over to this post, scroll down to the bit about making different coloured icings and jump in. I used dried beetroot powder to make this pretty pink. Using freeze dried beetroot will result in a lavender colour. You could also try using freeze dried strawberry or raspberry powder, then sieving out the seeds. That’ll make a gorgeous pink/red.


  1. Zanna Fidler says:

    Amy, your recipes are really beautiful and today I’m tripping down the valley to a local farmer for 5 lbs of beets in order to make my own powder. I’ve never seen it here in Canada but plenty of sunchoke powder as an alternative sweetener. You guessed I’m on a mission to make those Red Velvet Squares for my own Valentines gift to self … like you I don’t really ‘Do’ Valentines.
    Love & Light through Much Gratitude

    • Fantastic. Let me know how they go! You might want to add more beet powder to get the colour you want, see how it goes.

  2. May I ușe beetroot juice?

  3. Margaret Crook says:

    Amy these do look really lovely and I love beetroot cakes but I too fancy making my own beetroot powder but not sure how….any advice?? Also I’ve realised I really do need a Vitamix blender but trying to find out which one to buy is a nightmare…. any recommendations please ? Hoping to join one of your Dehydration courses soon.

    • Hi Margaret, You can make beetroot powder by simply shredding beet root and drying it in the oven or the dehydrator and then powdering it.

      If you’d like to get a blender to the same quality, OmniBlend is a great alternative and half the price.

  4. Hi Amy, can you please help me understand the difference in using coconut oil, coconut mana and coconut butter? I have the first two ingredients but not coconut butter and I’m wondering if I use coconut oil or even cacao butter will I ruin the recipe. Can’t wait to give this recipe a try. Thank you.

    • Yeah, it’s a confusing business. Manna and butter are the same thing. Oil is oil. 🙂 So then you’re all set.

  5. Hi Ami! I bought beetroot powder for the squares but is a bit bitter. This is the way it has to be? My squares turned to have a bitter taste and no red colour after I added the cacao powder and the shaved chocolate. I wanted to add more beetroot powder but again no red colour and the same bitter taste.
    Should I mention that my Vitamix stopped working ( the motor I think..) while I was making the Red Velvet squares?
    let’s remain optimistic! This spring is soooo beautiful!

    • Unfortunately, raw products will always change from batch to batch and company to company. You can’t know what it’ll be like till you try it. So now you know that one is bitter, you can source a different one or call the company to get a sample sent to you.

      The instructions are to use a food processor, not a Vitamix. The Vitamix would definitely have a hard time with this recipe.

  6. Is almond flour the same as ground almonds in this recipe? If not, what’s the difference? Thanks!

    • Nope, they are different products. Ground almonds are beached, peeled almonds ground into a fine meal. Almond flour is partially defatted from making the milk and then turning pulp into flour.

      • Hmm I’m a little confused. I’m not making my own, but use Bob’s Red Mill Almond Flour, and it’s made from almonds that have been blanched to remove the skins, then ground to a fine texture. This sounds like your description of ground almonds.. would that be right? Can I use this in the recipe?