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IMG_0139No matter how much information we write about our classes, nothing is as useful as hearing other people’s experience of an event. Below you will find a selection of comments and student testimonials we have been given about the class, we hope you find them helpful.

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Raw Fermentation

Just wanted to say Thank you to you and Jo for a very informative, educational and entertaining day. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and the food and am looking forward to continuing the lesson at home. It makes such a difference to be able to see and experience a food being created rather than trying to work it out from a written recipe and your class certainly made the whole process very clear. I have definitely come away with enthusiasm and confidence to have a go! – L. Hubbard

I thoroughly enjoyed the fermentation class and walked away with tons of information that has equipped me with the knowledge to feel fully confident in making my own fermented drinks and vegetables at home. The class was fun, informative and really motivating. I highly recommend it! – P. Noble

I really enjoyed the workshop and came away feeling inspired and competent to ferment anything and everything! I love the way that you and Jo were both so generous and encouraging as tutors. Your demonstrations were clear, easy to follow and really stressed to us all that everyone could have a go and produce such an amazing range of foods and drinks. I am very much a visual learner and gain a lot from being able to actually watch how something works and taste the results before reading about how to make something, and we had so many things to taste and enjoy – amazing!! – K. Bogdans

I have been to both the chocolate workshop and the fermentation workshop and was blown away by the amount of knowledge that I walked away with after both classes. The classes focused on techniques meaning that once I got home I could get creative in the kitchen using what I had rather than following a recipe. I have been to lots of raw food classes and felt like the only thing I came away with was a recipe book which I could have just downloaded online! Amy covers a whole variety of different techniques which don’t rely on you having the exact ingredients. I can’t wait for her to announce the next workshop! After the chocolate cheesecake she made I’m hoping it’s cake related! – E. Jaques

I enjoyed every minute of my fermentation course and would highly recommend it. It isn’t cheap but I felt it was worth every penny. To spend time among experts in this field to gain knowledge that will put your health on a different footing is priceless. Add that to the fact that we came away with a booklet full of prized recipes, some kombucha culture and a selection of cheeses which even my husband declared wonderful! Amy and Jo have also set up a FaceBook site so that our group can exchange ideas and ask questions. So even if you are a total novice you are never left in the dark. – Rosi Price

Advanced Raw Chocolate:Level 1

Spending the day with Amy is a revelation. Her class is interactive and she is generous with her skills. I learned much more about raw chocolate than I had imagined I would without it being at all overwhelming. Amy fosters a good humored and productive atmosphere. She has a generosity of spirit which is balanced by an effortless ability to keep us on track. Good lunch and, of course, it was lovely to go away with a box of samples from the chocolates we made together. – A. Heaven

“The whole day has been well thought out and a thorough introduction to making chocolate. The course has added a professional edge to my simple knowledge and i feel fully equipped to put a decent product out on the market.” – A. Grima

Amy is an inspirational teacher and the tastings throughout the class were divine. I don’t really like chocolate (the cooked variety anyway) but the raw chocolate we made in the class was amazing! Thank you for such an interesting and yummy day! – K. Holden

Really enjoyed the class! Amy knows her stuff and is very thorough. We learned a lot of the recipes and about the science of making good chocolate. I liked the hands on approach, everyone got to try making the various recipes and it was a lot of fun! – S. Edwards

Thank you, Amy for your thoroughly enjoyable and highly informative class. I learned some wonderful new tips, techniques and recipes that will massively increase the variety of chocolates i can make. The chocolates we made during the class tasted delicious and looked great! – R. Havardi

An incredibly creative, informative, enjoyable and delicious day! – T. Olivier
Amy’s course was informative, practical and fun! There were lots of tasters throughout the day, a very yummy lunch and a nice group of people. I would definitely recommend this workshop. – S. Barber

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