Cherry Truffles with a Surprise Ingredient

I’ve been really into oats lately because they are gluten free and easy to use in place of other common, heavier raw dessert bases like almond or coconut flour—and a whole lot less expensive too. Even though they are not technically raw, they are widely used in raw food desserts—hey, I don’t make up the rules. However, some people don't digest grains very well... Recently I had a chat with someone who wanted to know if the desserts we were … [Read more...]

Chocolate Quinoa Pancakes

These pancakes are awesome because they are made from the wholegrain and, obviously, because they're chocolate! I have found that they give me awesome energy right away and sustain me for a good 3 hours or so. Ideal for post training as it's loaded with good carbs and lean protein. You can also change things up by omitting the chocolate powder and blending in some berries or just some spices. YUM! Ingredients 100g quinoa, … [Read more...]

The mast brothers

It seems there is never a lack of inspiration for me in the world of chocolate making. There are so many incredible people doing great things with and for chocolate. Small scale chocolate makers are frontiers in this new industry of non commercialised chocolate making and that means, for them, literally building their equipment especially for them as small machines simply do not exist. That is dedication. A wonderful quote from this video … [Read more...]

Ooosha Chocolate Bars

Here are the new range of chocolates from the world’s leading Raw Chocolatier, Amy Levin. These are not just chocolate bars…these bars are a journey, a labour of love, a culmination of Amy’s journey through chocolate over the past 8 years, all carefully hand crafted into three very different chocolate bars, hand wrapped, packed and labeled. This product is truly artisan, in every sense of the word. Amy’s chocolate is a direct representation … [Read more...]

Five Spice Macaroons

These macaroons are simple to make and wonderful as they are, but, they can be elevated to another level by dipping them in raw, tempered chocolate. Tempering the chocolate will create a nice, crisp shell of chocolate around the outside of these soft cookies. Click here to see a video on how to make raw dark chocolate. Five Spice Macaroons Ingredients: 150g desiccated coconut 125g cashews 80g honey 50g coconut sugar, … [Read more...]