The mast brothers

It seems there is never a lack of inspiration for me in the world of chocolate making. There are so many incredible people doing great things with and for chocolate. Small scale chocolate makers are frontiers in this new industry of non commercialised chocolate making and that means, for them, literally building their equipment especially for them as small machines simply do not exist. That is dedication. A wonderful quote from this video … [Read more...]

Using liquids in chocolate

Here are the reasons why I don’t use liquids in chocolate and why I don’t use agave anymore. When you add liquid to chocolate it causes the cacao butter to seize. You have probably noticed this; you’re making a batch of lovely chocolate, everything is looking amazing and delicious, you’re proud ( and rightfully so), you add that liquid sweetener and that’s where it all goes wrong. The mix thickens right up and you wonder what happened, … [Read more...]