Pistachio Matcha Bonbons

As you know, I have been toying with matcha tea powders a bit recently and a friend reached out to me who owns a company called Chiki Tea in Japan. I totally forgot about them on my matcha journey the past few weeks. "All of our Matcha comes from Yame in Kyushu, an area with the perfect climate and soil constitution to produce some of the finest Matcha in Japan. Our farmer is one of the last few remaining who uses straw mats to cover the plants … [Read more...]

Chocolate Donuts with Matcha Glaze

These chocolate donuts have been a huge hit every time I have made them for people. Whether that be students in my Raw Baking classes or the customers at NAMA foods ( where they sell a variation these :) ) They love the cake like texture and rich chocolate flavour of them. The matcha glaze a beautiful way to finish these moist, delicious treats. Not only is it eye catching, but matcha tea is so velvety, with a touch of earthiness, and it goes … [Read more...]

Nut Free Blueberry Matcha Tart

Pin It With it being Summer time I felt like a tart or pie recipe was in order this week. I wanted to make something that was bright to look at and fresh and clean tasting. First and foremost, I love the colour contrast in this dessert, it makes you want to admire it and then savour each beautiful bite. That's what great dessert should do. It's a work of art, but a delightful treat for the mouth too. The chocolate crust is soft … [Read more...]

Matcha Hot Chocolate

Giving up coffee was a tough one for me, but I feel so much better for it! This rather delightful hot beverage has taken it's place every now and again. Stimulants are nasty little things on our bodies, so it's best to limit that ish to like a rarely - occasional situation in your life. Match tea is pretty mild in terms of stimulation, but cacao/cocoa gives me a boost these days, so this is rocket fuel for me. Love a bit of this … [Read more...]