Chocolate Spirulina Brittle

This week, by absolute coincidence, I bring you a recipe that's a darker shade of green than I've been featuring recently. Spirulina is quiet the powerhouse nutritionally speaking, BUT that's not why I'm using it in this recipe. I rarely do things strictly because they're healthy, my recipes are almost healthy as an after thought, that main objective when developing new recipes is to make the most tasty thing possible. It just happens to be that … [Read more...]

Spirulina Coconut Crack

I remember first being introduced to Spriulina over ten years ago. At the time, I used to shake it into apple juice first thing in the morning and take it as a shot. Over the years, I have learned that there is good and bad tasting Spirulina. A friend once told me it has to do with when it's harvested. I don't know anything about all that, but I have found that LifeStream and Micro Organics Spirulina powder are consistently delightful. … [Read more...]