Tahini Raspberry Pralines


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    One of my favourite things is creating some 007, James Bond, Mission Impossible style chocolates and treats. I love being given very narrow confines of ingredients to work with and coming up with something simple, complex, or, extraordinary, but, certainly delicious and unexpected.

    Generally, this happens when someone comes to me on a very limited diet, for one reason or another, but still wants to have some treats. Of course, they want some treats! We all want treats in our lives. It’s never impossible, regardless of the diet or health program you’re following.

    Recently, I was approached with a list of rather limited ingredients to work with, and, it got me really excited. The excitement is the challenge (my ego loves a challenge), and, the feeling of being able to provide someone on a very limited diet with something they are craving and yearning, that’s the real reward for me. To be able to help them satisfy that craving and feel “normal” within their restricted diet, that’s the true reward any chef strives for.

    This recipe is very simple, so simple that the end result surprised even me. It’s definitely a dark chocolate, but, the raspberries lift it up and brighten it. The raspberries give sweetness and cut the potential bitterness of the tahini and cacao. The blackstrap molasses gives a degree of sweetness, but more to the point, it gives a depth to the tahini. This was totally unexpected, and, it tastes like peanut butter. Wow! Amazing!



  • Make sure the tahini is at room temperature otherwise when you add the melted paste, it’ll set almost right away.
  • In a bowl mix all ingredients together so they are well combined. You might want to slightly break down some of the berries so you have some larger and some smaller bits.
  • Transfer the mix to a silicone mould of your choice and set in the fridge – about 20 minutes – or in the freezer – about 10 minutes.
  • Once set, pop them out of the mould and eat as is or enrobe them and garnish with a bit of crumbled freeze dried raspberry or a few sesame seeds.